842 million people,

1 in 8, go to bed hungry.

552 million come from Asia.
223 million come from Sub-Suharan Africa.

Let’s bless these Cats here. 

We will turn-on the Book2-Senstation Engine for the exchange of utility to raise awareness and minimize  the number of such states through the focus on right Budo Mountain, Blend, and Kata.

The Budo Mountain here is to make sure there are no such cases being found, and we will do our best that all tragedy ends up in peaceful joy through developing right Kata.


We will employ people, create partnerships to bring help, strive to equalize PPIs until we reach the pick and see the next one.

This is not a business, this is a wish that with all available Quantum Field knowledge, resources and Spirits we bring positive change here as well!                           

                                          Signed Christ

CASE – RED – KATA 002 

The problem here might be the following:

Place – life is much more difficult there than in Europe, because of environmental conditions. It means that people are stronger there than in Europe. It is not their choice that they were born in such challenging locations. It is not my choice that I was born in Poland and not in Japan. I would earn much more, and I could afford the English program for correcting my grammar because I have to spend money on Facebook, Adverts and Australian Plugins, which by my PPI are quite expensive. Not yet! 

Father – he might be working beyond legal structure that does not exist there, which is good for the Budo Mountain, Blend, and Kata. The question is if he has aspirations, knows about the Budo Mountain, Blend and Kata. He might be a drug dealer or natural father. It does not matter, what he does. Still, he might not have enough money/job/motivation to sustain a family or in overall positive energy to hunt,  because he is feeling exploited by worse environmental or economic conditions. 

More his consciousness and level of education do not matter that much regarding short-term thriving. Some people could make as well assumption that Father is trying to sustain all his family by giving out kids and trying to bring help through his connections. Then he would be kind of criminal, but there is no legislation in the jungle anyway. Would it happen in Europe? No! So probably it does not occur in Africa. Humans are humans; he would not allow himself to kill his kids! 

He is still doing a fantastic job by growing up his family and probably suffer the same as kids. 

Kids – kids might be just weaker than others, and daily food might be not enough. He slowly gets into poverty level, of which it is a tough to get him recovered without proper conditions (95% probability).

Charity Organization – they do their jobs like medics or priests, some of them volunteer for the better world being driven by compassion, which is awesome. They might be Dutch having experience in management, and they want to share it with locals in long-term and at personal-family levels. They might also be politicians. Let’s assume that they are just ordinary people that are driven by doing good for the world and reaching their Budo Mountain. 

Where is the cause? It happens, because of:

– The limited amount of resources.
– Biased quantum field of the Father including vast desires caused by economic exploitation from moving faster-developed world leaving developing realm behind to sustain their PPI. In fact, this system is creating a huge exploitation gap between two worlds. 
– Father is losing his instinct having huge ambition for the large family and biased consciousness to cope with challenges. Is it his fault or developed-word fault? The fault is on both sides. On the one hand, some of his members live longer, but on the other, there is a huge not acceptable suffering for some of them. 

Emergency solution:

– Bring Charity organization and help.

Long-term fixed solutions:

A) Balancing Human Instinct & Quantum Field – Increasing aspiration through education about the Budo Mountain, Blend, and Kata. Interesting?  Start playing with illusion, news, movies to stay authentic and find your real soul. Create your compelling Quantum Field. It might get perceived as Schizophrenia by others. In truth, it will be your Quantum Field. Move on with your project. 

B) Religion – could be beautiful, but he might not want it? He might pray his way before hunt anyway. 

C) Total Isolation – leaving Father far away from the international and local media, so he comes back to his instinct far away from idols and influence of developed world – not possible anymore! Did he hear about Madonna? 

D) PPI – must be equalized, so it is easier for the Father to afford milk. He might have more severe environmental challenges. He has a right to have a family as I have a right to be with Jo and with my education earn promised salary to sustain my family. I am only in Poland. I do not need to go to Psychiatrist while developing Senstation. I am fine.  

E) Consciousness – increasing human consciousness by creating cooperative education decks might also be another solution to decrease the developing-developed world gap and bring it to one same world.  Because you were born in Norway, it does not mean that you will not be born next time in India!