1 suicide / minute,

1 attempt / 3 seconds,

1 000 000 +/ suicides worldwide / per year, 16 suicides / 100 000 people and it increased by 60% in the past 45 year, more people die from suicide than armed conflict.

Let’s  do blessing here.

We will turn-on the Book2-Senstation Engine for the exchange of utility to raise awareness and minimize the number of suicide cases through the focus on right Budo Mountain, Blend, and Kata.

The Budo Mountain here is to make sure there are no suicide cases, and we will do our best that all tragedy ends up in peaceful joy through developing right Kata.

We will employ people, create partnerships to bring help, strive to equalize PPIs until we reach the pick and see the next one.

This is not a business, this is a wish that with all available Quantum Field knowledge, resources and Spirits we bring positive change here as well!                              

                                       Signed Christ



The problem might be the following here:

Wrong decisions with high leverage or high social-economic pressure – When India’s seed economy was forced by the World Bank to become globalised in the late 1990s, economic conditions within the nation’s agricultural sector almost immediately took a nosedive for the worst. Much of the common Indian seed stock turned from saveable heirloom varieties to patented, genetically-modified (GM) varieties that expire after a single use and require the application of expensive and cumbersome pesticides in order to grow, which plunged many Indian farmers into abject poverty. And nearly 25 years later, the devastating effects of this corporate takeover of Indian agriculture has resulted in countless suicides, 200,000 of which have occurred just in the past ten years. According to a recent report in the U.K. Independent, many Indian farmers have lost their farms and land over the past several decades. One of the primary causes is failed investments by farmers that banked heavily on the success of newly introduced GM crops. Multinational biotechnology giants like Monsanto and Syngenta promised farmers that GM crops would bring incredible yields at lower costs, and save the country from poverty. But in reality, many of the crops ended up failing, leaving millions of Indian farmers with absolutely nothing. “One farmer every 30 minutes (commits suicide) in India now, and sometimes three in one family,” explained Palagummi Sainath, an Indian journalist, to the U.K. Independent. Left with nowhere to turn and a complete loss of their livelihoods, many farmers are literally drinking their crop pesticides. And since many of these suicides go unreported or unnoticed, actual rates could be even higher than those reported (Natural News, 2011). 

Loneliness – Mother Theresa once said, “The biggest disease today is not leprosy or cancer or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted, uncared for and deserted by everybody.” That loneliness is devastating is not new information; everyone who has felt alone understands how painful it can be. For the lucky many, loneliness is a fleeting feeling but for those who cannot find the escape hatch, loneliness can be a terrible, and fatal, trap. Research is reported to show that people who have no social supports and who feel alone have as greater increased risk of early death as an alcoholic, hile succeeding in making friends can be as good for our health as giving up smoking. Spending too much time alone, particularly if that time is not filled with rewarding distractions, often leads to fatalistic thinking and philosophising that, in turn, lead to damaging thought patterns. In addition to this, a lack of accountability to people who care about you and your welfare can mean that self-destructive urges that are usually curbed by fear of worrying or upsetting loved ones can get completely out of control. Loneliness is a key theme on our forums – people who feel alone find it harder to combat suicidal urges and deal with mental illness. The mental health charity Mind report that being lonely can add to mental health issues such as depression, loneliness, and anxiety. It also suggests that loneliness can contribute to rarer mental health conditions such as schizophrenia. (Suicide Forum, 2016)

Emergency solutions:

– Be open to discuss receiving help, but critical 9/10.
– Don’t waste your money. It is better to buy a new solution for your work or engagement ring than spend money on medicine.
– Buy vitamins and herbs to make sure that stress will not eat you.

– Forget about ego and be open to change.
– Give positive vibration, whenever you can.
– Use this situation to make you a stronger person! 

– Take care of your Minimum Viable Magnetic Pole and create controlled distance. Sen No Sen (page 100, Shin Gi Tai). 
– Stop developing trust to people for some time – turn some of them into your enemies. 
– Trust your family and one friend that you might change. Call him as you want.
– Create a connection to Universe and Planet. Think about Jesus or Buddha lives and hologram.
– You are free to decide on your relationships. 
– Become a sherpa, make a wish for the better world.
– Challenge yourself and fight by listening to vibration. 

– Give yourself time, watch your enemies, judge your past friends and think about new ones. If they are real, they will understand and give you positive cues. It might be too late though. You decide!
– Write messages on Facebook, or start a blog. Do not block your energy flow. 
– Fall in love
– Build upon this love to move forward with your life and balance the Quantum Field.

– Build upon your strengths from the past to cope with challenges. 
– Think about your dreams when you were young and eat a lot of chocolate if you can. 
– Think about one person or reflect on the Islamic or Jewish wedding with several wives or the Japanese love. 
– Think about Paradise, but not “yet.”
– You still have a family, country, and friends to take care for. 

– Think about your enemies with all compassion that might die before you, although you wish them all the best. You will be stronger! 
– At the end, you are not an assassin, and you are going to die with dignity, although they might perceive you like to be one. 
– Accept everything. You know who you are.
– Don’t take too much medicine; it will block chakras, vibration and consciousness! 
– Write as much as possible if you know how to write and focus on self-development. 
– Start a hobby like painting, praying, meditation and share as much as possible. 
– Think about all people that died in the ring and celebrate each day that you have, because it might be the last – you decide! 
– Make an official commitment that you do not do it, so nobody murders you and you die with honour as the winner.  
– In the Universe, there is no time, but probably there is justice! 

When time is right to open your heart again. You have won. You were on your own and they were thousands:

– Finding clubs and groups online – sites like Meetup offer groups with no obligation.
– Joining a church, if you are religiously inclined.
– Taking a night class or day college course – most colleges offer short courses that can last as little as one day in all sorts of areas.
– Re-connect with old friends and – often a simple apology for having dropped off the face of the planet for a while and an invitation to coffee is enough to start to rebuild a friendship.
– Volunteer for a charity or non-profit – having structure and a shared goal/purpose makes it easier to build friendship and eases the social pressure.
– Do not waste too much energy with people that created negative Quantum Field – as long as they are not part of the same Budo Mountain, Blend or Kata. Chill out! 

Long-term fixed solutions:

A) Balancing Human Instinct & Quantum Field – Increasing aspiration through education about the Budo Mountain, Blend, and Kata. Interesting?  Start playing with illusion, news, movies to stay authentic and find your real soul. Create your compelling Quantum Field. It might get perceived as Schizophrenia by others. In truth, it will be your Quantum Field. Move on with your project. 

B) Religion – could be beautiful, but he might not want it? He might pray his way before hunt anyway. 

C) Total Isolation – leaving Father far away from the international and local media, so he comes back to his instinct far away from idols and influence of developed world – not possible anymore! Did he hear about Madonna? 

D) PPI – must be equalised, so it is easier for the Father to afford milk. He might have more severe environmental challenges. He has a right to have a family as I have a right to be with Jo and with my education earn promised salary to sustain my family. I am only in Poland. I do not need to go to Psychiatrist while developing Senstation. I am fine.  

E) Consciousness – increasing human consciousness by creating cooperative education decks might also be another solution to decrease the developing-developed world gap and bring it to one same world.  Because you were born in Norway, it does not mean that you will not be born next time in India! 

F) Turn back time – Make others to turn back decisions if possible, but do not lose your energy on being dependent on their lives. The situation that does not meet your life objectives might destroy you.  You might still engage them at some point in time! Serve your soul & do not help people that are ready to murder others to achieve their goals!