Jort, maybe you are a better coach, but I am setting-up the beat and bringing girls here!

We do not need that much an investor, as I need the long-term plan and the Lady in Red! Find your Social Entrepreneurship input here, I have reviewed it! I got a business model. Book2 to my  friend!

Check it out!




The Little Red Book of Lessons:

1/09/2017 – Today I have discovered the interlink between human intention, visualization and global master-mind.

Driving back home from Krakow I have seen a banner that we need a new source of energy for the city. The topic that interests me the most., as I was studying about Crystals, Atantis & Lemuria. I got across the video that corresponds to my mind-map built over last few days, including whales, crystals, healing, energy, closed relationship-chakra, book a street artist. 

The video you can find under Social Entrepreneurship & Health section was inspired/triggered by the Book Street Artist video I found for the Mario Rueda slide under SENS24.

That means that I have drawn a video from the Global Master mind that creates continution for the previous work in terms of cryptographic image, my intention, internat energy & a few days developed mind-map. You can’t test that, because it all depends on my positive and real intention. 


Through my work I prove that we can find a sustainable source of free energy with the use of Pyramidium Structure & Crystals. upon common work from various disciplines and open-globally-accessible technology / master-mind. However only through good intention beyond scarced monetary and corporate/competitive frame.  


We shoot, because we care!

Coaching and consulting network serving your personal, planet and business needs across cultures and paradigms better than James Bond!

SENStation Mission:

is to develop the most friendly and advanced, self-motivated, multi-level, multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural consulting and coaching network providing discounts and monetary benefits for members – making dreams happen for individual human beings willing to create a positive long-term difference.

Personal Mission:
set-up first base on the moon and get married.

@James, I am going to consult the team here, so everybody sees their awesome results. Some of the Ladies studied CEMS and they might have problems with ego.

@Team, there is no too much air on the moon, so save it for breathing and party later on! You are already heroes!

What if we would take your problem?

Build cognitive experience around it?

Turn it into your dream story with right steps?

Guide you to become a positive change?

Partners 2b or not 2b!

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