93.4% of global warming go into ocean. You already see effects in tornados, earthquakes, acidic rain and smog.

Stanford scientists estimated that up to 60 percent of coral reefs around the world have been wiped out since the Industrial Revolution. Caribbean lost 80% of their coral reefs.

Let’s  do blessing here.

We will turn-on the Book2-Senstation Engine for the exchange of utility to raise awareness around the Planet Issues and heal it through the focus on right Budo Mountain, Blend, and Kata.

The Budo Mountain here is to make sure people begin to believe that they can bring positive change with small steps and we will do our best that all tragedy ends up in peaceful joy through developing right Kata.

We will employ people, create partnerships to bring help, strive to equalize PPIs until we reach the pick and see the next one.

This is not a business, this is a wish that with all available Quantum Field knowledge, resources and Spirits we bring positive change here as well!                                                                              

                      Signed Christ