The Revenue & Social Impact Model

We source our financing from multiple channels: – Senstation Coaching & Mentoring – Senstation Exchange of Utility – Senstation Consulting Services– Senstation Leadership & Charity Programme– Book2 Insurance & Event Card– 1$ Monthly Membership Fee, PP Indicator & Thrive Fund– Royal Investment & Private Equity Through achiving various synergies we create value with the following […]

What is Poverty?

What is poverty? This was, is and will be the never-ending question especially for a person that has not seen a real suffering? Poverty might be a state of person in suffering. 1) That suffering might be caused by outside or inside feelings coming from the thought process and perception of the world e.g. loneliness, […]

Senstation Global Citizens

Senstation Global Citizens

Here  I am going to write the Senstation Business Plan – feel free to take away whatever you want from it. I am going to source ideas from the founding team and other social entrepreneurship projects participating in the Global Co-operative Challenge that got presented on our website. I have started this project from founding […]