Passion is about focused action



Develop a solution to a social or environmental problem that either improves existing approaches or is radically new!


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    Students become change-makers

    Change-makers  develop solutions with the goal of maximizing long term positive impact on their social environment

  • and design for the world they want to live in

    Participants will design, plan and implement a product or service that addresses critical real-life problems focusing on a sustainable triple bottom line (people, profit, planet).

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    In a collaborative challenge!

    Any professionals and institutions (NGOs, corporations, universities, networks) are welcomed to engage and assist students with mentoring and coaching services, advertising and financing.


- December 31st, 2013



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Derek van Tilburg

SENStation brought our group together from all over the world and challenged us to come up with a creative idea in a very short time. They have given us extremely valuable feedback and insights, they have connected us with experts and fundraisers in the social business domain and really supported us in the process.

Derek van TilburgPay it Forward!
 Raffaello Starace

SENStation was extremely empowering as it brought us to realize that tackling issues in society through the set up of a social enterprise is comfortably within our reach. While it is a demanding task filled with difficulties, it can undoubtedly be achieved if there is a strong commitment. It was illuminating to start the project from scratch and to see it gradually take shape into a solid model for a social enterprise.

Raffaello StaraceGLOW
Marek Zamecnik

GSBC provided us with the opportunity to put our idea on paper and to start shaping it to the final form. We really appreciated the given time and stages to process it from the beginning. We effectively used 5 months for transforming the idea into something real. By the end of this time we received a valuable feedback which was also an important asset for the final version of the project. Thank you GSBC!

Marek ZamecnikKick of your idea


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